The majority of hearing instruments occlude the ear canal, sometimes making the user feel “plugged up”, or sound like their heads are “in a barrel”.   Until now, manipulating the sound on a computer or increasing the size of the vents (to release sound pressure) were the only ways to alleviate the “head in a barrel” feeling noted by some first time hearing aid wearers. Generally, this phenomenon occurs due to sounds provided from new hearing instruments that were not previously perceived before the new devices were worn.  The auditory portion of the brain takes time to “re-train” itself not only to hear new sounds not previously perceived, but also interpret these new sounds.

Relatively new concepts in hearing devices are called “RITE” (receiver in the ear) “open fit” or OTEs (On-The-Ear).  These newer instruments do not occlude the ear canal.  They are designed mainly for emphasizing higher frequencies for best speech understanding, while allowing lower frequencies to pass through a non-occluding “ear-bud” for a more natural sound.  The actual instruments are worn on the ear, with a very thin tubing for the sound to travel into the canal through the non-occluding “ear-buds”.

At first, RITE/OTEs were limited to people with relatively normal hearing in the lower frequencies, but needed help in the higher frequencies (for clarity & understanding of conversations).

However, technology has vastly improved.  Now, OTEs have become an option for almost any type of loss, by putting the speaker (or receiver) down inside the canal (in the “ear-bud”).  This “R.I.T.E.” or (receiver in the ear) technology means even people with moderate to severe hearing losses can be successfully fit with these non-occluding devices.  This opens the door for many people looking for a better solution to overcome their hearing deficit.  “R.I.T.E.” technology also offers not only a wider range of hearing losses that can be corrected; it also provides hearing instrument wearers more options.  Some models have multiple programs (for different listening environments), and directional microphones, which are advantageous in competing noise.

Also, the newer open fit devices come in a wide array of color choices. Some wearers like to be more discreet, by either matching the colors of their hair or skin. However, others may choose bolder colors to express each person’s individuality.

Finally, some of these devices can be fitted and delivered the same day, without waiting for custom made units to be manufactured.
The results have been phenomenal!

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